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 The Power of Your Words

How important is it to G-d when you make a promise?  What's the difference to G-d between a promise and a vow you make?  What are the consequences of broken promises?  Rabbi Jim answers these questions in this teaching from Joshua 9:10 given on October 17, 2015.

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Weekly Torah Portion


 November 15 - November 21, 2015  

Kislev 3 - Kislev 9, 5776

Torah  Genesis 28:10-32:2

Haftorah  Hosea 12:12-14:10

B’rith Hadoshah  Matthew 3:13-4:11

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The Law is abolished! Really? Part 3

Some of the Jewish laws that affected Jewish-Gentile relations were those dealing with food, skin diseases, bodily discharges and fungus in the house (Leviticus 11-15). If a Jewish person had any of these conditions, touched anyone with these conditions or entered a “diseased” house, they became unclean and had to go through an expensive one-day or seven-day purification process before they could enter the Temple.

As Gentiles did not follow the same cleanliness and food laws, Jewish people hesitated to interact with Gentiles. One could touch a Gentile who had a skin disease or recent bodily discharge and become unclean. Or a Gentile could offer his Jewish guest unclean food or a chair that the Gentile had sat on and was now unclean. Since a Jewish person never knew whether his host was clean or unclean, every time a Jewish person left a Gentile’s house, he would have to go through the purification process.

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The Law is abolished! Really? Part 2

The thought that the Law is no longer valid, a theology called anti-nomianism, continues today. It is most often heard as “We are no longer under the Law because we are saved by grace,” with the speaker pointing toward Eph. 2:15 and other verses. In most literal and paraphrased translations, Eph. 2:15 says Yeshua abolished the Law with his flesh. As the verse doesn’t say exactly what Law Yeshua abolished, many Believers think this means all the Law. Considering what Yeshua said about the Law during his earthly ministry, did he really mean for it to be abolished? Looking at what Paul and other apostles said about the Law, did Paul really mean that it was invalidated by Yeshua’s death and resurrection?

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The Law is abolished! Really? Part 1

Western society has been considered a lawless society, which is a surprising assessment considering its foundation on Biblical principles and Christian influence. Even more shocking is that the Church and the world are looking more alike—and the world hasn’t moved.

A 2006 Barna study proved this trend, showing eight of 16 moral and sexual behaviors of Born Again Busters (those born between 1965 and 1983) as similar to those of non-Born Again Busters. For example, 59 percent of Born Again Busters believed cohabitation was morally acceptable, with 80 percent of non-Born Again Busters agreeing. Only 33 percent of Boomers (those born before 1965) took that stand.

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