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Author, Speaker and Minister Donna Fiorini

Donna Fiorini loves to teach others how to achieve their greatest potential by understanding their authority as Believers, how to stop living the problem and start living the answer. During her interview, she outlines step-by-step principles with simplicity and warmth as she shares how she found the answers to her own personal struggles. Her book, “The Answer for Life,” identifies the emotional issues that have caused the problems we experience in life and how to find wholeness. Donna is a teaching pastor at New Testament Christian Church in Rochester, N.Y.


Messianic Jewish Singer/Songwriter Sally Klein

Sally Klein O’Connor talks about how she came to believe in Yeshua and her work of reconciliation with the people of Germany and Poland during an interview with Ethel Chadwick, host of radio show Bagels and Blessings. Click on the video below to watch the interview.

During a Shabbat service, Sally also shared her music and how she found healing after a dog attack as a child scarred her face. Click here to watch her Shabbat message.


Holocaust Survivor Renate Kaufmann

Every year on Yom HaShoah, we remember the six million who lost their lives during the Holocaust and rejoice with the remnant who survived. Holocaust survivor Renate Kaufmann shares her experience as a child in Cologne, Germany, during World War II during an interview with radio show host Ethel Chadwick. Renate, also a poet and an artist, has written her story in a book called "Justify Us Through Your Life."


Messianic Rabbi and Evangelist Jeff Bernstein

Jeff Bernstein Interview from CSY Videocast on Vimeo.


Messianic Jewish Music Group Zemer Levav


Zemer Levav Interview Part 1 from CSY Videocast on Vimeo.


Zemer Levav Interview Part 2 from CSY Videocast on Vimeo.